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Fall Semester Begins August 19

Current Classes and Camps

Click on the image below to learn more about what's available right now!

summer camp, kids, children, singing, acting, musical theatre,  dancing
summer camp, kids, children, ballet, performing, show, dancing
summer camp, kids, children, musical theatre, singing, acting, dancing, theatre
summer camp, kids, children, tap, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, shows, dancing
summer camp, kids, children, singing, acting, dancing, musical theatre, children's theatre, youth theatre, musical,
summer camp, kids, children, singing, acting, dancing, musical theatre

Summer Semester Dates

June 1-24, July 1-2, July 13-31



Transform Your Talent

Performing Arts Studio

Welcome to Amy's Studio of Performing Arts, where we offer top-quality dance, theatre, and voice classes for all ages. Our studio, located in Farmers Branch, TX, has been providing performing arts education with a focus on transferable skills since 1961. At our studio, we believe in fostering creativity and passion, while providing a safe and nurturing environment. Explore our site to learn more.


Our Legacy


Founded in 1961

Amy's Studio of Performing Arts has a rich history of providing outstanding performing arts education to the Farmers Branch community. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to grow into the premier performing arts studio we are today. We believe in providing exceptional service to our students and their families, and always put their needs first.

Our Programs

Dance Classes

Experience The Arts

Our dance classes are designed to teach students of all ages and abilities the fundamentals of various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. With a focus on proper technique and artistic expression, our dance classes provide a well-rounded performing arts education.

Theatre Classes

Unlock Your Potential

Our theatre classes provide students with the opportunity to develop their acting skills, while also learning about stagecraft, improv, and script analysis. Our experienced instructors provide a safe and supportive environment for students to explore their creativity and build confidence.

Voice Classes

Find Your Voice

Our voice classes are designed to help students of all levels improve their singing technique and develop their vocal range. Our instructors provide personalized instruction to help students achieve their goals, whether they are looking to pursue a career in music or simply improve their singing abilities.

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